For the first time ever, a project, organized by WDSF Athletes Commission in cooperation with WDSF welcomes you to participate in the Friendship Camp. During the three days we offer a full programme of lectures from top teachers in Standard and Latin American, as well as other DanceSport styles. In addition, there will be social activities for all dancers during the evenings.

During the camp we will also perform scientific research on (a selection of) the dancers during these three days. All facilities to perform this research are made available to the WDSF free of cost! Expert Dutch physicians (of the Dutch member federation in collaboration with medical staff at the Sports Centre) will perform the actual research.

The purpose of creating such a project is to solidify the athlete’s in WDSF from all countries, all teams and all styles. We would like to build relationships across nations and levels to encourage the athlete’s to stay together and create a sense of belonging and friendship.

Organizers by:

AC Members

Wdsf athletes commission
Rene Ewals
Anton Belyayev
Lina Chatkeviciute
Rikako Ota
Antonio Micheli
Justyna Mozdzonek


National athlete representatives
Andrea Leonhardt
Earle Williamson